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Sankofa World Tours  has conducted tours to Africa since 2002. As Africa specialists, our focus is on educating the traveler in culture, history, art, architecture. With Dr. Clinton Crawford as tour leader, our major destinations each summer are to Egypt and Ghana and our annual winter tour is to Ethiopia. Past tours have also taken us to Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Our aim is to reconnect people of African ancestry with their roots as well as show them the diverse plains of Africa. We believe that our commitment to excellence and our principled and quality interaction with our clients and suppliers has earned us loyal, long-term relationships.


Planning a great educational tour or trip takes time and specialized knowledge. You need to leave all the planning in the hands of people who have experience and those who understand the kind of experience you are looking for in a life time of memories.


In the complex Internet world of travel, you may end up booking your travel arrangements over many different websites through different suppliers, located in different countries. This can be a frustrating and painful process with the smallest change and no one to speak within a moments notice. 


We provide you with a broader and more complete range of services that cannot be found on the Internet. The ability to contact a real person can make all the difference when you have a problem, or need some special advice or assistance. A good travel team first gets to know you and learns about you, your approach to travel, and what you like to see and do. We do just that!

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